Author: Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Panic Disorder

A more extreme example of an anxiety disorder is that known as Panic Disorder. People with this issue find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly in a fight or flight situation of extreme fear and a feeling impending doom for no apparent reasoning. Many things can trigger this, but what is happening is the body is taking any stressor and immediately jumping into overdrive mode to protect itself. Symptoms for those suffering from this include pounding heart beat with palpitations, sweating and shaking, and a sudden shortness of breath where one feels they cannot breathe. Intense fear overcomes them and they...

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Anxiety can be a normal part of life. Depending on the problems faced in the day to day a small amount of anxiousness for a certain event is considered completely normal. However, with an anxiety disorder this can evolve into something much more than temporary worries and fears. The anxiety does not disappear once the problem has been faced or solved and actually gets worse over time. Daily life is effected, such as job performance, school, and relationships. For the afflicted they must meet every day with fear and terror beyond...

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A close relative to hops is Cannabis, which has also been shown to help reduce anxieties in patients. Though Cannabis has a reputation for increased paranoia and anxiety in certain patients, much of this is due to the incorrect use of the plant and the wrong strain type. For many, strains high in Cannabidol (CBD) have been shown to greatly reduce anxiety and stress. However, in strains with high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it is a bit more complex depending on the patient as it can help relieve some symptoms but may cause the brain to overreact and enter a panic-like...

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Hops, the bitter herb found in beers, has been shown to be highly useful as an aromatic or in tinctures for reducing stress due to a volatile oil found in the plant. It is often used to promote sleep and sedate oneself during times of stressfulness. Like, chamomile, this plant can cause serious drowsiness and is not recommended to be used during the day or alongside other sedatives and...

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Green Tea

Another tea that is highly beneficial to anxiety prone sufferers is green tea. A special amino acid found in high quantities in green is known as L-theanine. L-theanine has been shown to curb rising heart rates and blood pressures, two of the major symptoms of anxiety itself. By battling these major symptoms it helps patients from experiencing tough stressful symptoms and helps them calm while still staying alert unlike chamomile. To get the recommended dosage of L-theanine for high stress, however, supplements are recommended as the quantities in green tea vary significantly from needing as few as 5 cups...

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